Inner Reflexions
Inner Reflexions

be good to yourself

Life is busy. It is important to set aside time for your body to be still. It is important to create the space to heal. Set your thoughts aside for a short while to enjoy total relaxation. 


Create a healing treatment unique to your body, lifestyle, and well-being. Create a treatment that will allow you to essentially morph into a better version of yourself, just by showing up. Health and wellness come from within. When you create the time, and have the right environment, healing is inevitable.

Are you ready to experience peace and inner transformation? 


Welcome, so glad you're here.

time to press pause

Before each session health is discussed to help understand goals. Reflexology helps to balance the system while ancient rituals and tools combined with bespoke oils and organic products, work togehter to balance both the inner and outer body -  providing a beautiful win-win of looking good on the outside: and feeling good on the inside. 


We all deserve to feel good, and shine bright. 

Bespoke oils and tinctures are used and can be custom made in advance to help elevate your treatment experience. 


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Warren,  RI 

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Products Used: 


Zone Face Lift  Skincare Line

Flying Wild  

Solavedi Organics 

Owl & Hive Apothecary

Banyan Botanicals


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